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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Back To School

Well it is official, I finally have the house to myself. All the kids are in school now ALL DAY. It has been a crazy week so far. Tiffany started 6th grade on Monday, Kaylee started 8th grade on Tuesday, and the boys all started today. (Ryan 4th, Jake 2nd, Kyle Kindergarten) It is a little sad in some ways to realize that all the kids are in school all day. I can't believe how fast life is going lately.

Everyone keeps asking me what I am going to do with all the time I am going to have to myself now and I really don't know the answer to that question. I think I will spend some time getting the house reorganized. We have lived here almost 2 years now and though I organized things pretty well when we moved in, some of that has been lost. So my first order of business will to be to reorganize and clean the house. It is my hope that if I can redefine the proper place for everything to be put away the kids will do that and the house will be easier to keep clean. I can hope right? Once I get that project done, I will think about what comes next.

So, Kyle was the only one who let me take his picture today. So here are a couple of pictures of our big boy on his first day of school. Here he is in front of the marque at the school. NOtice he is wearing his favorite color shorts (orange). He picked them out at the store and said, "mom you have to buy me these shorts! " I asked, "why?" he said "cuz their my favorite color" It was like duh mom why do you think?
These are some of Kyle's friends from church who are all also starting Kindergarten today.Here he is with his teacher (believe it or not). She is the tiniest little lady but so full of personality. He is going to have a great year!And here he is the first in line ready to go into the school. He was so excited!!! Well, I guess that is all for today. I will have to blog later about the visit I had with my sister last weekend.

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