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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Halloween and More

We had a big snow storm last week. On Wednesday it snowed about a foot here in Loveland. It was awesome. The kids had a couple days off of school for Parent Teacher Onferences and had lots of fun playing in the snow. We even went sledding on Friday. The temperatures have gone back up and it has been really nice this week. All of the snow has melted and for the first time in several years, we had great weather for Halloween. Usually it snows or rains and is very cold for Halloween. This year, I guess the snow just came a bit early.

Here are some pics of the kids from Halloween.
My Blue Man Group

Little Red Riding Hood

Pics of Kaylee coming soon.

The kids had a great time Trick-or-Treating. They got way more candy than we need. I am trying to spread it out so they don't rot their teeth out of their mouths. They only get a couple of pieces a day and they are handling that pretty well.

We woke up on Halloween to a mess in the front of our house. One of Kaylee's friends got us good!! Silly string, crepe paper streamers, toilet paper, paper shreds, confetti, post it notes, and so much more. Someone was very busy and I have no idea how we never heard them. I will say that I was very grateful the two boys came and washed off the residue from the silly string from my front door.

The boys all started wrestling last week. It is so fun to watch them. Kyle is doing great. He is such a little scrapper. This week, he was paired up with a little boy his size who was really mean. They were practicing take downs and Kyle did his take down and every time Kyle took him down, the other boy cried. Yet when it was the other boy's turn, he took Kyle down and beat the crap out of him (illegally) by punching him in the face, kicking him in the crotch, and jumping on him. Kyle was really good and did not retaliate, that made me proud. Jake is learning how it all works and because he is so strong he is often the last one left in the circle when they play a game called push out. They all try to push everyone else out of the circle. He's a tough guy. Ryan is doing well also. He is learning the moves and is doing quite well with his take downs too. I will have to get some pictures of them wrestling to post later.

The girls are staying really busy too. Tiffany just started a new session of Volleyball. SHe is excited to keep up her schools and work hard to prepare for next season. Kaylee is still doing physical therapy on her finger. It is healing nicely and hopefully soon she will have full range of motion again.

The kids brought home their report cards last week and it was so wonderful to see their grades. 4 of the kids get letter grades (Kyle doesn't in Kindergarten) and on those 4 report cards, it was all A's and only 3 B's. I was amazed and so proud of all their hard work. Kyle's marks were very good too and he is doing great in kindergarten.

Mike moved into his new apartment in Oklahoma this week. It is weird to think of the fact that my husband has a separate residence in another state. But it will be so nice for him to not have to stay in hotels all the time anymore. He will be working there for about a year so it makes sense for him to set up a more permanent residence, even if it is temporary. We sure miss him when he is away, but have settled into our own routine and we are managing okay without him. He makes it home every Friday and heads back to work on Monday mornings. He is hoping that it will be a Monday thru Thursday thing in Oklahome soon so he can have 3 days home with us.

As for me, I stay busy enough with the kids, house, homework, etc., etc., but I have opened up a new card shop online. If you haven't seen it yet, check it out here. I am doing custom photo cards. You choose from any of my card styles, send me your photos, pick your font and sentiment and I create your card for you. Then I send you the jpeg file and you take it to get printed. Here is a sample of one of my favorites.

Also for any Twilight fans, only 15 more days until New Moon. Yippee!! I can't wait. I am heading to see the movie with a bunch of my girlfriends. We are all getting special shirts for the occasion. Speaking of shirts, I have some new shirts in my t-shirt shop, you can check out my t-shirt shop here. There are some great Twilight and New Moon shirts for your movie night!

Well, I think that is about all for now.

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