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Friday, March 6, 2009


I dropped the kids off at school this morning and before I even got home I had a phone call from the school asking me to come back because Jake had gotten hurt on the playground. I got to the school and this is what I saw
I said, "I guess that's going to need some stitches." and we were off to urgent care. I dropped Kyle off at preschool and asked his teacher to tell the board that I wouldn't be there for my meeting this morning.
Jake was really worried about needing sticthes so we said a little prayer in the car and that helped him feel a little bit better. We got to urgent care and they took us right in, put some topical numbing medication on the cut and cleaned him up. This is how it looked after cleaning.
Next the doctor gave him several shots into the wound to get it really numb for the stitches. Jake was nervous, but he stayed very still and held both my hands to be brave. Then the doctor checked out his brow bone to make sure there were no breaks. (Yes the cut was that deep) The bone looked good so he started stitching him up. Jake was a bit nervous again, but the doctor did an experiment to show Jake that he wouldn't be able to feel it. He showed him that it didn't hurt by pinching some if the skin around the cut with his tools. Then he did one stitch and asked Jake if he could feel it. Of course he couldn't so the doc went on. Jake helped him count the stitches. He got 10 total, 5 on the inside and 5 on the outside. He was so brave. Here is what he looks like now.
I think most of the scar will probably be hidden in his brow. Poor little guy. He is doing great though and was excited to get a shake after we were all done.

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Thorny Tree Lady said...

And chicks will dig the scar when he's older. What a brave little guy!

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