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This is a blog about my family and the crazy life in the Sims Household. We have 5 children, ranging from 14 to 5, and seem to be going in all different directions sometimes. The purpose of this blog is to help keep our friends and family up to date on what is going on in our lives.

Monday, May 11, 2009

End of an Era

As the school year is starting to close down and amazingly fast as this school year went, I find myslef contemplating the end of an era. We are soon to be finished with our last child in preschool. It is so wild for me to tink about that. We have been at the same preschool for 6 years and 4 of our 5 children have attended there. And I worked for 4 years on the Board of Directors. It will be weird for me to leave there for the last time ever in two weeks.

Along the same lines, I am having a really hard time with the fact that my "Baby" (he gets mad when I call him that) will be turning five years old this week. Where does the time go?

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