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Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Influence of Music

I was just wondering why it is that the most terrible songs are the ones that stick with you. Yesterday, I had the unfortunate experience of hearing a song on the radio that I found deceptive, and vulgar. Some of you may have heard it, it is "If You Seek Amy" by Katy Perry. (I don't like her choice of songs anyway, the last one I hated was another that is so catchy I hear people singing it all the time. You may know that too "I Kissed a Girl".) Anyway, I am getting off topic here now, so let me bring this back. Yesterday, early in the morning, I hear this song on the way to take Kaylee to school. She always wants to change the radio to "her" station for the 5 minutes it takes to get to school, whatever. Anyway I had never heard it before and once I got into it, I changed it because I thought it was so terrible, but can you tell me why the minute I spent listening to that song left such an impression on me that I found myself thinking it; the words (yuck) and the tune all day long. And it is a TERRIBLE song.

This experience really made me think about the influence that music has on us and our children. People say they can listen to certain types of music and not be affected by it. I am not judging anyone for their choice of music here, just making a point. I think that music really does influence us more than we realize. Now I am not saying that someone who listens to gangster rap is necessarily going to join a gang or start killing people, but it must soften us to that somewhat. Does it make it seem like those things are okay? How about songs talking about sex, drugs, alcohol. I am sure that we listen to some of these songs without even realizing what they are talking about, but they make it commonplace and acceptable.

My daughters are at the age when they are really getting into music and are less under my influence for choosing what they like. I still have control to some extent as I do not let them buy music that in my mind is unsuitable. But I cannot control what they listen to when they are with their friends or when they listen to the radio. It is my hope though that they will choose not to listen to music that can have a negative impact on them.

I have experienced in my own home the power of music. Sunday mornings can be very hectic for us as we prepare and get ready to go to church by 8:45 am. I have found that on the days I play soft music it has a huge impact. There is less fighting, arguing, and more cooperation. I like to play Mormon Tabernacle Choir, and church hymns, or even piano music (my favorite, Jim Brickman). Sometimes I get wrapped up in getting ready and forget the music trick and those days definitely seem more crazy. I also notice that my kids are more prepared to sit quietly in church when we have played church music rather than watch TV on Sunday mornings.

Music has been proven to have great affects on us. About a year ago I helped to do a Sunday Evening Discussion for the Youth of our church about the impact of Music. We called it "An Experince in Music." We played different clips of all types of music and asked questions throughout about how they were feeling. It really is amazing to see how the feeling in a room completely changes based on the type of music being played. I was amazed that even the youth were able to feel it. (I am working on getting that presentation to self play through all the slides and music clips. When I do, I will get it posted as it may interest some of you)

There are so many types of good music out there. I challenge any of my readers to evaluate the types of music they listen to and the impact that music has or can have on their lives. and to make a change if necessary.

Post Note: So I guess I have the artist listed wrong. It is actually Britney Spears who sings the song, not Katy Perry, so I will just add Britney to the list of artists I don't like.


Denver Sims said...

I thought Britney Spears sang that "If you seek..." song.....I know she at least has that song on her CD. Disgusting.

That's part of why I stay tucked away in my eighties be-bop music! =]

Michelle said...

Maybe it is Britney, who knows, I just hated it. It sounded like Katy so I just assumed it was. Oh well.

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