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Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year, New Me

So here it is, a new year. Many of us start the new year off with New Year's resolutions. So I have been thinking aout what things I want to do differently this next year and I sit down here and now to put those things on paper (or screen) and to make a record of what I plan to work on this year. (in no particular order)

1) Family History. I need to be a better and more frequent blogger. This is my family history and I need to do my best to keep it up to date and current. I was really bad last year about blogging. I feel terrible about all that I have missed blogging about. It is my hope that I can somehow catch up. In addition I want to get up to date on family scrapbooks. I am up to about 2007 right now, but really would like to get all the books up to date so all I have to work on in the future is the current year.

2) Excercise. What list of resolutions could ever be complete without this one. I want to get back into a regular exercise routine. I wouldn't mind losing a few pounds while I am at it, but the primary purpose I will be pursuing is fitness and health. I will set up a schedule for daily exercise and stick to it.

3) Family Home Evening and Family Scripture Study. I want to be better about maintaining consistency with both of these important family activities. We will incorporate a regular time for family scripture study to make it easier to remember to do it every day. We will also include Mike when he is out of town via phone call or web cam in both.

4) Personal devotions and church calling. I need to be better about my own prayers, scripture study and spending better time on my calling. I will set aside time every Sunday to work on my calling and send out the Relief Society recaps. I will begin and end each day with prayer and remember personal scripture study as well. I also will look for more opportunities to serve others in and out of the church. In addition, I will make a greater effort to go to the Temple more often.

5) Home organization. I need to set up a regular schedule for my own household responsibilites to aid in organizing the home and keeping it clean on a daily basis. I will divide household chores so that I do a portion of the cleaning each day of the week and make sure that I do all I need to. I will work on dejunking the basement and anything else that needs dejunking.

6) Chidren. I will work more with the children on their own personal chores and keeping their rooms clean. I will do better with follow up and making sure that they actually do what they are supposed to do before they are allowed to do the fun things they want to do. I will also work with them on better behavior and manners as well as being accountable for their actions. This will involve a family meeting to establish a new set of house rules and the consequences for breaking the rules to be agreed on by all members of the family.

7) Household Budget. Ugh I hate this, but it is very necessary. I need to do better about maintaining and following the household budget. I will set up the budget and keep it up to date by accounting for spending and working within the set budgets. As well as finding ways to cut the budget so that we can save more money and pay off the few loans we have.

8) Family Meals. I will get back into the habbit of preparing evening meals on a daily basis. I have been lazy this past year, doing quick, easy, (frozen and pre-packaged) meals for the kids when Mike has been away. But I know the importance of good home cooking and pledge to do more of it this year for the health of my family. This may include getting back on my Once a Month Cooking plan. I will also work on providing healthy snacks for the children and encouraging good eating habbits for them as well as for Mike and I.

9) I will continue to explore my creative side by hosting classes and workshops, creating new T-shirt designs for my cafe press shop, working on new scrapbook kits and designs, designing for Cherry Lime Boutique, and whatever else I can come up with this year.

Wow, that seems like a lot to do, but I know that if I set my mind to it, many of these goals can be accomplished very easily. I just have to set my priorities and schedule my time accordingly .

I am looking forward to a great new year and hope that by setting down these goals for myself, I can work towards bettering myself and my family in each category in some way. Now off I go towards a new year and a new me. May 2011 be the best year yet!!!

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