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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Girls Night Out!!! (GNO)

I am slow to post this entry simply because I was waiting to add the pictures to it. It is about last weekend and now I have the pictures so here is what I wrote last Monday.

What an awesome weekend we had here in Loveland. On Saturday it hit 76 degrees and we as a family had a great afternoon in the park. We had Ryan's birthday party with his friends and spent most of it playing games in the park. It wasa beautiful day. I am so anxious for Spring and these days like this are just teasers, especially when Sunday hits about 20 degrees for a high with lots of wind too.

Saturday night I had the chance to go out with some friends. Alyssa, Melanie, Eliza, and Aislinn and I all needed a Girls Night Out. After about three months of trying to get together we finally managed to coordinate our schedules. As we were contemplating what a group of crazy adult women needing a break from their children should do for an evening we tossed up a few different ideas. A "chick flick"? No that would never work since we would have to be quiet in the theatre. We do not do quiet very well when we are together. No we thought we needed to do something where we could laugh and talk all evening long. Aislinn had the idea to go roller skating and immediately we were all sold. The plans were made and we were all off to RollerLand in Fort Collins. Let me tell you, I haven't laughed that hard in ages. There were many, many moments of side splitting laughter. That was therapy in itself. We had blast!!! Skating is great excercise and after about 2 hours we decided it was time to head out. We went out to old town Ft. Collins for a little bit and then we headed to find something to eat. We ended up at Old Chicago and ate a very late dinner(which kept me up half the night) and more convo and laughs. We have decided to get a night like this on our calendars at least every two months. What mom doesn't need a night out with friends at least that often? The skating made the night though. I hope we do that again. I did manage to fall once. I haven't fallen skating in ages but I guess someone had to fall. I have a pretty big bruise on my knee where I landed, but other than that I seem to have survived. Amazing that these old bones weren't broken. I am the oldest one in this little group of ours. Sometimes I really feel it too, but I love these guys. They always make me feel younger. Here are some pics of our adventures.

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John and Lindsey said...

That looks like it was a lot of fun! Wish we had places like that here!

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