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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

It's been a few days since my last post, so I thought I would just post a bit about what has been going on with us over the last week.

We have been quite busy it seems even though we don't seem to be doing much. Last week was the kids' Spring Break and of course we had wrotten weather most of the week. It rained and snowed and it was cold. On Tuesday we went to see the movie Horton Hears a Who. It was pretty cute and the kids enjoyed it.

Of course on Thursday we had the kids' surgeries and after that there wasn't much we were able to do. Mike stayed home on Thursday and Friday and was able to help out a bit with things here. It was nice to have him home.

Tiffany has been struggling a bit still with her recovery. She has not been back to school yet and is still relying on her pain medication every 4-5 hours and it isn't quite cutting out all of the pain. The last couple of days she has also had pressure pain in her ears which they told us to expect. Her neck hurts to turn her head so she is very stiff and it is still hurting her quite a lot to swallow. She has eaten lots of ice cream, popcicles, jell-o, and chicken noodle soup. We are hoping to see marked improvement over the next couple of days. She really wants to get back to school.

I have been very busy with the planning of our school carnival. It will be held next week on Friday the 25th. It always takes so much planning to pull of this big event. It is the biggest event we do all year. It is generally very well attended and the kids look forward to all year long. We have all kinds of games with prizes, food, and fun. I have been working with my committee since January and I will be glad when it is over. I will try to take some pictures and post them next week of the event.

Mike is out of town again yeserday and today. He is in Nashville meeting with people in his company there to find out more about the job possibilities that may have him traveling for the next year or two with work. The construction job he was hired in Denver for has been postponed for a bit due to the crash of the housing market and ey are trying to find him another job to run until the one in Denver is a go. I hate the thought of him being gone all week and home only on the weekends, but this company is so great we will do all we can to make it work. I will write more about this when we know for sure what is going on.

I have been going to my physical therapy appointments twice a week and it seems that the excercises the therapist gave ma are doing some good. My range of motion has improved quite a bit in my shoulder though the pain hasn't changed at all. I have another week or so of appointments so hopefully now that the range of motion has improved we can start treating the pain. I have been taking celebrex twice daily with very little pain relief from that. It amazes me how many little jobs around the house require the use of that arm and shoulder and how often I find myself straining because of the pain. OUCH!!! It may take a bit of cortizone in the joint afterall.

On another note, I thought that I would just update on my progress on the goals I set back in March. I have been able to avoid chocolate, mostly. I have treated myself on a couple of occasions, but have been amazed that I haven't struggled more with this one. I have been tempted every time I go to the store to buy a chocolate bar but have for the most part resisited the temptation. I have still been eating a few other kinds of sweets and perhaps will ty to cut back on those now as well. I figure I can't cut everything at once or I will go CRAZY!! I have been doing better about exercising especially since I have to do my PT exercises. I have just added 100 sit-ups and leg lifts and a few other easy exercises when I am already on the floor doing the PT stuff. I have also walked on the treadmill a few times. I have noticed small improvements to the toning on my elly and definitely have had some soreness in the abs, quads, and gluts. All the areas I have been targeting. So I feel good about my attempts so far. Yeah me!!

Well, this is getting long so I better be going. One last thing, after reading Michelle's post (in case you don't know, Michelle is one of my new step sisters)about the book Tuesdays with Morrie, I am starting to read that book today. I will let you know my thoughts when I am done in a couple of days.

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Nigel Flannery Livingston said...

Tiff needs a bottle of some good strong Whiskey. They kind only the Scots can make.

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