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Monday, April 28, 2008

Nice to be Recognized

I had a fun experience today. I was asked to attend the kids' school award assembly today. I knew Ryan was g etting an award (he got an award for completing his math facts) so I didn't really think much of it. In the middle of the assembly the principle stood up and said that there are a few people who really work hard to make things happen for our school and that she wanted to recognize the school volunteers that had given more than 100 hours of service this year. She called my name among about 7 or 8 others. Three of them were High School students who volunteer at the school and the rest were other moms like me. I nearly started crying when the whole student body and parents attending stood up clapping. Amazingly I was able to keep control. They presented us all with a certificate, a pin and a potted plant. It was really nice to be recognized in such a way.

On another note, the preliminary results are in from our carnival and we had gross sales income of $7900 with a bit more money still trickling in for silent auction items that have not yet been picked up and paid for. We had expenses right around $2500, so we have a net profit of around $5400. That is more than triple the profit we have had in past years. It is so exciting to see that all our hard work as a committe over the last 5 months has paid off.

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John and Lindsey said...

I'll have to get some advice from you- I can see my days in that just beginning. Our school does a carnival every year as well.

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