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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Our week in review

We had a pretty good week. As previously posted the kids all started school except for Kyle. They all had a great week and I even talked to Jake's teacher on Friday after school and she said he is doing great. Yay!!

Mike was gone all this week again. He left last Sunday night an headed to Atlanta, then Tuesday he went to Oklahoma, Thursday he went to Nashville and Friday he came home. He is staying very busy and spending lots of time in airports and on airplanes. Hopefully soon things will slow down a bit and he can be more settled in one location instead of flying all over the place every week. He w ill continue to travel most weekdays for a while. So far we are handling him being gone okay. But it is tough.

We are happy to have him home for a 3 day weekend this weekend though. We spent Saturday at Elitch Gardens in Denver. The kids rode most of the rides and had a blast. Kaylee loves roller coasters, Tiffany and Ryan hate them and Jake is somewhere in between. Kyle didn't like the little coaster he rode so I think he is going to be like Tiff and Ryan. We had fun though and were glad that Pete and the kids came to hang with us for the day. Thanks guys! Mel you were missed!

Well today was church and we have just been relaxing the rest of the day. This is our last Sunday for 1:00 church. Hooray!! Next week we move to the 9 am slot. I am so excited.

Well I better run. It was a good week I wonder what this week will bring.

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