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Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas and a Trip to Urgent Care

We had a great Christmas. On Christmas Eve we had Mike's sister Kari and her husband Deron and his parents over for dinner. We had a yummy meal check out the spread.
After dinner, we read the story of the birth of Christ. Then following tradition we gathered to sing Christmas carols while we awaited a visit from Santa. Mike went out to "hold the reindeer" and Santa came in with gifts for the kids. Here are some pictures of the kids with Santa.
After Santa left we visited for a bit and then the kids headed off to bed. Well they kind of headed off to bed. We later found them all slumbering in Kaylee's room on the floor. It was so cute. They did go to sleep well though and slept until 7:30 on Christmas morning. Yeah, we got to sleep in!! Then we opened presents and had yummy scones and sausage for breakfast. All the kids were very happy with their gifts and we spent the rest of the day lounging and enjoying what they all got.

One of the things Jake got was a skateboard and skateboard ramp. We are kind of holding our breaths waiting for the accidents to happen, but he also got some good protective gear and a helmet so hopefully he will be safe.
Kaylee, on the other hand, we hadn't worried much about and she is the one that got hurt. She was simply trying out the skateboard (not even on the ramp I might add) and she fell off and landed on her butt. The problem was that under her butt was her foot. She hopped around the rest of the day because her parents were too mean and didn't take her to the hospital on Christmas to get it checked. First thing on Friday we took her to urgent care and thankfully there were no broken bones. Just a really good sprain. So she is now on crutches and in an air cast.
Well, I suppose that is all for now. I hope you all had as nice a Christmas as we did.

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