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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My Cafe Press Shop

My T-Shirt shop on Cafe Press is doing so well. I have just added some new designs and gift ideas to the shop. You can see previews of most of the designs in the slide show to the right of this post.

I just want to briefly tell you all about a couple of the things I have added.

1-I have added some great LDS YW theme related gifts. One has all the values on it including the new value, Virtue, which has been recently added to the YW theme and Personal Progress Program. The second is a design incorporating the nine B's from President Hinckley's talk "Way to Be".
2-I have also designed a shirt and some gift items based on the LDS Mutual Theme of 2009, "Be thou an example." I will be expanding this section with some other designs in the near future.
3-I have added a section of babysitter gifts. This section includes gifts you could give to your favorite babysitter and bags for girls who are babysitters. There are a couple of fun designs so check them out. I thought a great gift for my daughter would be to get her a bag and fill it with activities for the kids when she is babysitting. If you are looking for an idea for your teenage daughter, maybe you could do that too.
4-I added some reusable grocery bag designs. No more paper or plastic, go for canvas.
5-The last thing is that I will be taking orders for custom designs. If you need shirts for a family event, vacation or reunion, or any other kind of event, let me design a shirt for you. Prices are somewhat negotiable based on the quantity of items ordered for custom designs.

So that's it, but I also want to ask that everyone spread the word about my shop. I appreciate any referrals. To visit my shop click here.


devNnic said...

My parents will be back the Sunday after New Year's. It sounds like no one knew they were coming back. They were always coming back, that's why they didn't sell there stuff. For my mom's health, the DR asked her to come some place warm and dry for six months, so they came to Arizona since we are here. But it's been six months, so they are headed back to see how she does!

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