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Sunday, January 25, 2009

A weekend getaway without the kids

It was wonderful, need I say more? Probably not, but here are some pics and a summary of the weekend Mike and I had in Vail.

We arrived in Vail in the late afternoon. The roads were a bit messy and it was snowing so we were glad to arrive safely. Once we arrived we learned that the next day there was forecasted 12-1 inches of snow in Vail. Yikes, we had only driven up Mike's car, what were we thinking. We left a perfectly good 4 wheel drive suburban sitting in our garage. Oh well. Thank goodness for FREE public transportation in Vail. We left the car in the parking lot the whole weekend.

Friday night we grabbed some Oriental food for dinner. It was quite good and then we hung out in our room for the night. I think I fell asleep about 8:45, it was so nice to just relax and not have to worry about the kids.

On Saturday morning we woke (about 9:30 am) to about 6 inches of fresh snow. Yeah! We had some breakfast and then headed out for our snowmobile tour. It was still snowing and so beautiful. It was almost 40 degrees so it was really a nice day for riding. We geared up for our ride and then headed out with our guide and 4 other people. Here are a couple of pictures from our ride. The ride was beautiful. We rode through the aspens and through the pine trees and saw some beautiful scenes. It was soooooo much fun!!!
After snowmobiling we went back to our hotel and then hopped on a bus to go explore the villages. We took a ride up the Gondola in Lionshead Village to the top of Vail Mountain. It was beautiful, though visibility was not so good(because it was snowing) and we couldn't see much from the top.

After the ride back down, we headed over to Vail Village and explored the cute shops and hit a Mexican restaurant for dinner. We had yummy fajitas. The downside was that all 3 tables around us were full of kids. One group had a baby that cried almost the whole time we were there. So why is when we leave our kids home we are surrounded by everyone else's?
Next it was back to the hotel for a soak in the hot tub and a sit in the sauna. It was so relaxing except for maybe the kids that were splashing around in the hot tub. Once again, we left ours at home so we could relax without kids. Oh well. We headed back to our room for a quiet movie all by ourselves.

After sleeping in again this morning, we decided we needed to pack up and head out since it was snowing again. We wanted to get out of town before the roads got too bad. We headed out about 10 am and it took us 2 hours to go what would normally take about 45 minutes. The roads were snowy, slick and it was snowing really hard. Visibility was low and chain laws were in effect. We took it slow and arrived home safely about 2.

It is truly amazing that the time went so fast. We had a great time and enjoyed some time off from the kids and the house. Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa Sims who made it possible for us to go.

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Shiloah Baker said...

That looks like tons of fun!!!! Wow! Wishing I were closer to snow...

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