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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Disney World Day 3

On day 3 our plan was to hit Magic Kingdom.  When I woke the kids at 7 to get ready and head out for the bus, Kyle would not budge.  I could not wake him for anything.  So Mike decided to hang out in the hotel with Kyle for a bit and let him sleep.  (he ended up sleeping until about 10:30) I packed our lunches and we were off.  We caught the 8:30 bus and arrived at the parking and transportation depot about 9 only to find that the monorail into magic kingdom wasn't working so we had to take the ferry and there were lots of people waiting for the ferry.  We managed to get on the third ferry and headed in to the park.

The plan was to hit Tomorrow Land and Fantasy Land this first day, that would leave Adventure Land, Frontier Land and Liberty Square for our second day in Magic Kingdom.  So we went right to it. I ran right in a got our fast passes for Space Mountain and then we went in lone for Buzz Lightyear.  The line was short and we basically walked right on.  Next we rode Space Mountain.  It is a favorite for everyone but Ryan.  He chose to sit this one out too and waited for us at the exit.  After Space Mountian, I fas tpassed Buzz Lightyear, then we headed to the Speedway.  It was about a 20 minute wait, so we waited in line and enjoyed driving our own cars.  This year everyone but Kyle was big enough to drive by themselves.  Our next ride was the Carousel of Progress.  There was no line and we needed something short to take up the little bit of time waiting for Mike and Kyle to arrive.  It was an interesting ride and fun for the kids to see all of the advances we have had intechnology in the last 70 years.

We met Mike and Kyle at Buzz Lightyear and Mike took all the kids except Kaylee on again. While they rode, Kaylee and I ran over to Peter Pan to get fast passes. Have I mentioned how much I love the Fast Pass Service.  While other people are waiting in 45 minute or longer lines, you walk right in.  We went back and met Mike and the Kids and he took all but Ryan on Space Mountain.  As they were buckled in a preparing for launch, Kyle got scared, but her was brave and stayed on the ride and LOVED it!!!

Our next little adventure was a 45 minute wait in line for Winnie the Pooh. It was our longest wait of the whole week.  If I could have, I would have fast passed it, but we already had Peter Pan and couldn't get another.  The ride is so cute and in the line area they had things for the kids to play with so it wasn't too bad.  After Pooh Bear, we hit Snow White followed by It's a Small World.  Believe it or not, we have accomplished all of this before lunch!!!!

We went to eat our lunch and then we rode Peter Pan.  After Peter Pan we went to see Mickey's Philharmagic 3d show.  It was a cute show and the kids really enjoyed it.  We decided since we had already accomplished all of our plans for the day that we would go ahead and hit the Haunted Mansion in Liberty Square this day as well.  We LOVE Haunted Mansion.  It is always a hit.  When we came out it was a 4:00 and we noticed darkening skies and decided we needed to start heading out.  I took the kids for one last ride on Buzz Lightyear using the fastpasses from earlier in the day while Mike hit the locker to retrieve our belongings.  When we met up again a few minutes later near the entrance of the park he said that the area was under a tornado warning.  We could tell with the darkening sky that something was definitely headed our way so we hurried to the monrail.  Just as we got to the monorail station, the storm rolled in.  The wind picked up like crazy and the rain came down HARD!!!!  We even saw a little bit of hail!  We were glad to be under the cover of the station which was filling up very quickly as more and more people came in wetter and wetter.  We caught the train and headed to catch our bus.  SO the weather made us cut the day a bit short, but we still accomplished all we wanted to and more!  We had a GREAT day!!!!

That night we ate dinner at the hotel restaraunt and did some laundry. The wet clothes from Monday were leaving a funky musty smell in the hotel room.  It cost us about $16 to do two loads of laundry, but the room smelled much better after the wet clothes were out, so I guess it was worth it.

We got the kids to bed and I spent a little bit of time planning the schedule for the next day and then it was time for us to sleep too.  Another day gone by, why does vacation time always go so fast???

Here are a couple of pics of our day.

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