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Monday, April 4, 2011

Walt Disney World Day One

Since it would be a super long post to write about the whole trip in one post, I am going to just break it down day by day.

We had a great opportunity to take a super fun family vacation this year.  We knew we had enough points to fly the whole family for free so we decided we would go to some place we have never been before.  And yes I said we flew the whole family for FREE.  That's one of the perks of Mike traveling every week for the last 3 years.

So on Sunday March 27th, we piled into the Suburban and headed to the airport.  Everyone was sooooooo excited for a whole week of Disney World.  We boarded the plane and the kids did great for the 3.5 hour flight.  We arrived in Orlando at 11 pm, retrieved our luggage, and met our taxi for the ride to the grocery store then on to the hotel.  I did a marathon shopping trip as we were being charged by the minute for the stop and picked up enough food for breakfast and lunch every day as well as daily snacks. 

We got a great deal to stay at the Downtown Disney Holiday Inn (another perk of Mike's travels).  We had two rooms connecting, it was perfect.  We settled the kids in to bed as quickly as possible so we could get a good night sleep to be ready for our first day in the parks.  The nice thing about staying at the Downtown Disney Hotel is that we were part of the Disney transportation line.  There were pick ups from our hotel every half hour all day long and rides back to the hotel every half hour too from every one of the parks.  It was really a nice feature.

Our first day was Epcot.
It rained
and it rained
and it rained. 
We were grateful for our ponchos and for so many indoor attractions.  We rode all of the rides and saw a couple of shows but by about 7 pm we were so done with the rain we decided to head back to the hotel.  Thus we missed the big night show and didn't spend much time at all in the world showcase.  We would have loved to explore the country pavillions more, but we were all too wet and getting grumpy.

Here is what we did at Epcot:
-We rode Test Track is was awesome!!!!  I would have loved to do that one again, but it closed down after we rode it because of the rain.
-Next was Mission Space which we rode twice.  It was really fun too.
-We rode Ellen's Energy Adventure.  It was different, but the kids liked this one too.
-Next was Spaceship Earth.
-Then we headed back to the lockers and had lunch on the floor in the locker room.  It was great because it was dry and out of the wind.
-Next we headed to the Lands section of the park and rode Living With The Land.
-Then we saw the Circle Of Life show
-Then it was over to the Seas for Nemo and Friends and the aquarium
-Next we saw Michael Jackson in Captain EO
-Then we headed to Journey Into Imagination With Figment and Image Works
-Next we walked very quickly through the World Showcase.  We watched a film in France.  Kyle slept through the whole thing.
-We headed back over to the Land and rode Living with the Land again while we were waiting for our fastpass time to come up so we could ride Soarin'.  Living With the Land was a pretty cool ride.  It was fun to see some of the innovative ways they are growing things.
-Finally it was time for us to ride Soarin'.  One of my favorite rides.  It was awesome.  I wish we could have gone on it again.
-We finished off the day with dinner at Seasons, then headed out to stand in the rain to wait for our bus.
-Back at the hotel, Mike and the kids hit the hot tub, and then it was time for bed.  I planned out our schedule for the next day and hit the pillow for a great night of sleep.

Despite the rain, we managed to have a great day!!!!  I didn't get many pictures because of all the rain, but here are a couple from Monday.

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