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Monday, April 11, 2011

Disney World Day 4- Rain Rain and More Rain!!!

On Day 4 our plan was to hit Disney's Animal Kingdom, but we woke up and it was pouring.  So we hung out in the hotel hoping every hour that it would clear up.  It didn't.  At about 2 we decided to head out and brave the weather for a bit hoping we could catch the rides at this park and  maybe see some animals and head back for the evening. So we headed down and caught the shuttle over to the park.

Outfitted head to knees in ponchos and some of us using umbrellas, we entered the park.  I ran over to Expedition Everest to get our fast passes hoping we could come back and ride it in a little while.  Mike took the kids over to wait for the Lion King show.  I met them there and we went in for the show.  It was really bright and fun.  They sang and danced and even the kids got pulled in from the audience for part of it.

It was a really cute show. After the show we headed over to the Kilimanjaro Safari Ride. It was a fun ride and we got to see lots of animal despite the rain.

  After the safari we went over to ride the Dinosaur ride.  It was awesome!!!  The kids loved it so much.  And since there was nobody in line when we got done, they let us ride again without even getting off the ride.  I guess that is one advantage to a rainy day at the park. (It was the only one)

We were blessed (hah!) with some really heavy rain for a little while and even some thunder and lightening. We headed across the park to try and ride Expedition Everest only to find that it was closed because of the lightening.  BUMMER!!!  We were all looking forward to riding that one.  So we headed in to watch the 3D show "It's Tough to Be a Bug"  this one featured the characters from Bug's Life.  It was a fun little 3d or really 4d movie.  It sprayed water, scented the room, and even gave you the feeling that bugs were crawling underneath your seat. (Kyle hated that part).

That movie is in a theatre underneath the big tree that is in the center of the park.  The tree was truly amazing.  It has carvings of animals all over it.  I wish we would have had more time to look at it all, but the rain was getting to be too much so we decided it was time to leave.  We had all had enough of the rain.

We decided to eat in the park at the Rain Forest Cafe.  We have never eaten in one of those restaurants before so it was really fun to see it.  Dinner was yummy (though very expensive) and when we were done we headed out into the rain to wait for the shuttle.  Thankfully we had a little bit of shelter to help keep us out of the elements, but we watched the lightening and listened to the thunder that sometimes was too loud and too close.
We arrived back at the hotel about 7 pm and had a nice relaxing evening in the room watching television.  We also made out plans for the next day.

Just ONE MORE DAY!  WOW it went so fast!

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