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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Conversation with Kyle about his birthday

So, Kyle is having his 4th birthday in 9 days. Yesterday I had a little conversation with him that was cute. It went like this:

Me: "Kyle, your birthday is coming soon, what kind of presents do you want?"

Kyle: "I want tools and a mini fridge."

Me: "What do you want a mini fridge for?"

Kyle: "So I can have my own snacks and drinks in my room."

Me: "Aren't there any toys that you want for your birthday?"

Kyle: "No I want my own mini fridge in my room."

So I have no idea where he got this idea for a mini fridge in his room. I don't have a mini fridge in my room. I don't have a mini fridge. I just think it is rather humerous that he wants a mini fridge so he can have his own snacks in his room.


Melly said...

That is awesome, and I can totally understand his reasoning. =]

We'd love to donate to a fridge! =]

John and Lindsey said...

How funny! Grandpa-great has one in his room.

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