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This is a blog about my family and the crazy life in the Sims Household. We have 5 children, ranging from 14 to 5, and seem to be going in all different directions sometimes. The purpose of this blog is to help keep our friends and family up to date on what is going on in our lives.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

I am Such a Slacker!!!

I am not really a slacker, I have just neglected my blog the last couple weeks because I have been so busy with stuff for the kids' schools. So here is a quick update on what's been going on.

  • Parent Helped in Kyle's preschool class on the 1st.
  • October 3rd Girls' Night Out with my friends. You can read about it and see pictures here since I forgot my camera that night.
  • October 4th and 5th LDS General Conference. There were some great talks and it is always wonderful to listen to our prophet. Read what our church leaders had to say here.
  • Dinner with the Sims' to celebrate Eric's birthday. Good times with Pete, Mel, Kensie, Eric, and Mom and Dad Sims on the 5th.
  • Shopped the grocery store sales on the 7th and 8th in preparation for our Group OAMC Cook Day. Spent $733 for 5 families 20 meals each. Hooray for the miles on my Frontier card.
  • Group OAMC Cook Day on the 9th. 5 families it went great we had 100 dinners prepared by 1:00 in the afternoon.
  • October 10th two of my brothers and one nephew came to visit from Vegas. We had a relaxing weekend and they have already gone home. (tear tear)

Add to that mix a day of separating and delivering t-shirts for the school t-shirt order, a PTO officer's meeting, a PTO meeting, a Young Women activity, a YW Presidency meeting, 2 YW volleyball games, a preschool board meeting, a pro photo shoot for the kids, and all the regular everyday things like driving kids to and from school and activities, cleaning house, preparing meals, etc. It has been a busy time. I am hoping things will slow down a bit for a while now. Of course, Mike is now gone today through Saturday for work, so it could be a long week.

Here is a picture of me and my brothers.


Jaidi and Justin Clayton and Family! said...

How come our brothers come and visit you, but they never come and visit me...Man i feel jipped! JK!

Nigel Flannery Livingston said...

We weren't actually there. Mooch is just playing with her new Photoshop.

Denver Sims said...

Great pic! Look at those boys all grown up. =]

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