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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Is it a fire...

So last night after going to bed very late (1 am) I was rudely awakened at 3 am to the smoke alarms going off. My heart was racing as I ran through the house to make sure everything was okay. Mike had just changed the battery in one of the alarms before we went to bed because it was beeping, so I don't know why they were going off.

Anyway the alarms went off full signal startling both Mike and I from dead sleep. Everything in the house appeared to be fine so we went back to bed. (By the way Kaylee is the only one of the kids who woke up, YIKES!!)

So I laid in bed thinking I smelled smoke and scared that maybe something was really wrong and we just missed it, then about 4:00 the alarms sounded again. Mike and I both walked through the house and still found nothing.

Fast forward another hour and yes you guessed it, alarms again. This time Ryan woke up too. His comment, "Mom the alarms are giving me a headache." My response "Yes son, I know, I have been up dealing with it since 3 am, I have a headache too. Go back to bed, everything is fine."

I don't really understand what it is that was making the alarms sound, but it was a completely ridiculous night. But wait, the night isn't over yet. Again at 6 the alarms sounded for the 4th time. Mike decided to disconnect the alarms completely so we could sleep for the last hour of the night. Then of course, I was stressed over "what if something were to really happen now and we don't have smoke detectors hooked up." Needless to say we made it through the night, but I was not happy when my alarm sounded at 7 am for me to get up and get ready for church, and neither were the kids.

So here is the question. Why does this always happen at night? I never have these issues during the daytime (unless I burn the toast or something, but at least then there is a logical reason for the alarms to go off). Can't they put a clock or meter on the detectors that can tell you the battery is going to die during the night, let's just take care of this BEFORE you go to bed. I mean seriously, this has only ever happened to us in the middle of the night. What is that all about? And if Mike just replaced the battery in one before we went to bed because it was beeping, was it dying batteries causing the alarms during the night or what else could it have been? Wouldn't the next one needing a battery just start beeping too.

On another note, we did make it to church on time (9 am) despite being really tired. Today was the Primary Sacrament Meeting Program. Once a year our sacrament meeting is done by the children in our ward. The adult leaders over the primary (children ages 3-12) write a program and give each of the children a small part to say and they all sing songs to go along with the program. This year the program theme was "I am a Child of God." It was really well done and all our kids did a great job saying their parts. It was really fun to watch them sing all the songs they have been learning in primary this year. Great job guys. I was so proud of all of the kids, but especially proud of Kyle and Jacob as they stood and repeated the parts they had memorized.

After church I came home and took a much needed nap.


Carlee Hoopes said...

It does seem like that always happens at night. I remember right after my dad died it was just my mom and me at home and ours kept going off in the middle of the night. It was very scary to me for some reason. Also, I believe sometimes if a spider crawls into one of the alarms, it can trip it and make it go off. Don't take this as doctrine, my mom would know better, but I believe that happened to us once and it was a spider crawling around that made the alarm keep going off.

Kay B. said...

Carlee is right. We were told that spiders can cause the alarm to go off. It is scary in the middle of the night. I was grateful Carlee was there and I didn't have to deal with it myself.

Melinda said...

This happened to us just the other day, but during the middle of the day. Chris replaced ALL batteries, I even had to go buy more, and it still happened. It ended up being a faulty smoke detector that in turn set all the others off. Disconnected that and have had no problems. There's a 5-year warranty, but you have to send it back and pay $7.50 to get a new one or just go buy a brand new one at Lowe's for about $12. What's the point of that??

Melinda said...
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Stacie said...

I feel your pain. Our fire alarms have only ever gone off in the middle of the night. It drives me crazy. One night, we had to go into the garage, back the car out, and get the 15 foot ladder to change the blasted alarm that had a dead battery on the vaulted ceiling. Not cool. I agree, there should be some other sort of warning for a dead battery.

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