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Sunday, November 23, 2008


Friday was the big day. I took my daughters at 12:15 to see Twilight, they loved it. I took a lot of flack for "bailing" on my ladies and was called a "traitor" for going with Kaylee and Tiff before seeing it with my lady friends for our GNO. That's okay though.

We had a great time Friday night. There were 12 of us that met at the Olive Garden for dinner and despite very poor, very slow service we still had a great dinner. The excitement in the air over the movie was almost visible.
After dinner we headed over to the theatre where we were crammed in like sardines to wait for the movie. There were several people ahead of us in line, but we had a pretty good spot. Eventually, the lines were out the door. We had a blast showing off our shirts (made especially for this night) and talking Twilight. Finally we were allowed into the theatre for the final waiting period. The time went so slow, but we had fun. When the movie started cheers went up in the theatre.

Overall, I really thought the movie was pretty good. The book is definitely better!! There were some things I didn't like, especially the bug eyed way they portrayed Jasper every time he was on screen. I also felt like there were some really cheesy scenes, and lots of the story missing or jumbled. But considering the low budget they had to work with and how much they had to try and cram into 2 hours, I think they did a pretty good job. I was very excited to read that they have announced that they will be moving forward with the production of New Moon. Maybe they will be able to make that one a little bit better. Anyway, here are my scrap booked pages of the pics from our GNO.
Thanks Ladies for a great Girls' Night Out. It was a blast as always. So what are we doing next time?
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