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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Another BIG Cook Day!!!

Today was the third and biggest Once a Month Cook Day we have had with our group yet. We were excited to add another family so we cooked for 4 families again this time. My plan was for 20 meals per family with the hope of getting done around noon. We almost did it.
My calculations were off a bit and we were short enough chicken for one meal, so we ditched one of the dinners for this time and we will do it next time. I have adjusted my shopping list for the next time we use this menu so we should be okay.
So when all was said and done we had 19 meals for 4 families, that's 76 dinners total, and we were done and cleaned up by 12:30. I think we did great. Of course during that time each of the other moms had to leave for a bit to pick up from preschool, kindergarten or whatever. If we would not have had those interruptions I think we could have been done by noon for sure. But it's all good. Not bad for about 4 hours time.
It feels so good to have my freezer full again. Our average cost per meal was just under $8. That's pretty good for feeding families of 5-7 people. I love it. Here are the meals we prepared this time:
Chicken Squares
Easiest Beef Stew
BBQ Beef Sandwiches
Shredded Beef Tacos
Meat Stuffed Shells
Zesty Italian Casserole
Pizza Pockets
Stuffed Manicotti
Easy Pleasing Meatloaf
Saucy Beef Over Rice
Simple Salisbury Steak
Tator Tot Casserole
Crunchy Oriental Pork Casserole
Southwest Pork
Pizza Chicken with Noodles
King Ranch Chicken Casserole
Hawaiian Haystacks
Chicken and Rice
Chicken Hot Dish
I think we are going to get on a more regular schedule of getting together every month now. I now have 3 full months worth of menus done with shopping lists and everything. I think we will do one more and then just cycle through the 4 different menus. Yay!!!


Sheri said...

Hey Michelle,

I found your blog through your sisters. Your family is so cute. Not to mention you look exactly the same as 12 years ago. I was wondering where you got all your recipes for your meals. Ok be honest this has got to be soooooo overwhelming to do. I have thoought about doing this but get to too stressed. Is the key doing it with the other families. I would love to get your input.


Melinda said...

That would be great to have a freezer stocked with meals already prepared or close to it. What a savings too! Now that the heat is subsiding maybe I'll try a couple weeks worth.

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