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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Drive into the Mountains

On Sunday after church we decided to take a quick drive into the mountains. It is a great time of year for such an excursion because the air is cooler and the mountains are absolutely beautiful. We were hoping to maybe see some fall colors, but we were a bit early for that yet. Mike and Kaylee rode on the motorcycle and the rest of us went in the Suburban. It was a nice drive and we stopped at our favorite little park in the canyon. The kids played on the playground, we took a few pictures, caught a little snake and walked along the path. Here are a few pictures.The picture of me was taken by Ryan just to prove that I was there too. Look at my beautiful souvenir from Norway. I LOVE my Norwegian sweater, and I am so excited to have cool enough days that I can finally wear it! We are lucky enough to have Mike home for a few days this week. He arrived home at about 10:00 on Saturday night after having left last Sunday about 11:00 am. So he was gone last week just 13 hours short of a full week. Ugh! This week though, he will be home until Thursday then he will be back home on Friday night. Yeah! We are so happy when he is home with us.

On another note, we are also excited this week that on Friday night, Mike's parents will be returning home from their 20 month mission for our church in Norway. We have missed them so much and will be so glad to have them back home again. They only live about 3 blocks away from our new home so we are even closer to them than we were before they left. Yippee. We are so excited to have grandpa and grandma close again!!!

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New York Sims said...

Looks like a good time! Your sweater is pretty....they are fun to have. =]

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