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Sunday, September 7, 2008

My Tiffany

Yesterday, I took the chance to take Tiffany out in the park to take some pictures of her. We got some great shots. I thought I would post those and also give a little tribute to my second child.
Tiffany is growing and maturing so quickly right now. With Mike traveling so much lately, a lot of responsibility has fallen on Tiffany to help me out more than she used to. Now that Kaylee is 12 years old and also involved in the young women program it leaves Tiffany with the responsibility of helping to watch the boys while we are gone every week for our activities. Since I am a leader, I really have to be there. She has done a great job of babysitting and the boys love her to tend them. Luckily the church is only about 2 blocks from our house so I am close by if there are any emergencies. I am very grateful for her willingness to serve our family this way.

She is very excited to be back in school and seeing her friends daily. Tiffany is a social butterfly and has friends everywhere she goes. I am happy to watch her include others that might ordinarily be left out. She is a great friend. She is doing well in school and working hard to improve herself all the time.

I amazed as I watch her grow at what a beautiful young lady she is turning into. I hope she knows that I am proud of her and that I love her very much. Here are some of the pictures I took of her yesterday.

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