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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Kaylee's Volleyball Tournament

On Saturday, Kaylee had an Intramural Volleyball Tournament at school. She played really well even though her team lost two of their three matches. Both of the matches they lost were against girls a grade older than them. The final match was a really tight one. The final game was supposed to be over at 15 points, but neither team wanted to give up the win. They took they score back and forth until the other team won 23 to 21. It was a thriller! Here are a couple of pictures of Kaylee playing.

I found out while I was there watching that Kaylee was her team captain. She never told me that. She proved to be a great leader for her team.

During the games Kaylee had many great saves. She got a couple of digs practically off the floor and had some great tips, hits and serves. She has an awesome serve. Of course I hardly ever managed to have the camera recording when any of those things happened, but here is a quick video clip of one tip I managed to get.

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