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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Kyle, a haircut and some pictures

Kyle has been fighting getting a haircut for several weeks now. Not wanting to fight with him, I have just let it go. I noticed just how long his hair was getting when I took his first day of school pictures which are posted here. Kyles hair doesn't really lay flat. The way it grows makes it look a bit bushy. I can't imagine where he gets it from...Here is a picture of his dad (and Pete)when he was about 3 years old. Mike is the one on the right.
The combination of having tons of thick hair that sticks out all over doesn't go very well with long hair. Of course long is a relative term here. I have to remind myself that to a lot of people, Kyle's hair wouldn't even be considered long. But when you are accustomed to buzz cuts on your own boys(including your husband), his hair seems so long.

Today, I practically had to tie Kyle to the chair so I could give him a haircut. He didn't like it. He even cried a bit, but I got it done. I think his biggest complaint is the itchiness of the cut hairs as they fall over him, however no matter what I do to protect against this, it is never enough. Well here is the result of the haircut and a few pictures from Kyle's photo shoot in the park today.
At first Kyle was grumpy about getting his picture taken. (very unusual for him) So I told him the tickle monster would have to get him and then he was all smiles.

That is unless he was making funny faces for the camera. He was pretty cute.

Even when he made funny faces, he was usually smiling. That is until he started covering up his smile so I couldn't see it.

Who wouldn't love that super cute face?!


Nigel Flannery Livingston said...

That picture of him looking sideways is great.

Michelle said...

That was his favorite pose I think. I have lots of pictures of him looking to the side like that. He always timed the expression change just right.

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