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Friday, June 20, 2008

Chronicles of Norway (part 3) Tuesday through Friday

Wow, I can't believe it had already been that many days since my last post. So here is a quick recap. Pictures will have to come later.

Tuesday was "F" day.

FERRY-we rode the ferry from Horton to Moss across the Fjord.

FORTRESS-we drove to Halden and toured Fredriksten Festing fortress, it was really amazing.

FAMILY-we visited Bjorg's aunt and cousins for dinner, then visited Bjorg's brother and his family. in Halden.
FOOD-Always way too much food. Wednesday-we went to the beach (Paradisbutka) despite the cold and visited the Norwegian Folk Museum. We ate lunch at McDonalds this day and would you believe lunch for our family cost an equivalent of $80 USD. OUCH! I don't think I will ever complain about the cost of things in the US again after being here. Thursday-it rained like crazy but we took a great road trip to Jevnakker to the glass factory where we watched them make vases, plates and wine glasses. It was amazing. The scenery along the road was breathtaking despite the gloomy skies. We also drove to Honefoss to see a pretty waterfall. Friday-We visited the Ski Museum and Holmenkollen Ski Jump in the morning then headed to the beach (Hukodden) again as soon as we got there the sun went away and the wind picked up. Typical for every time we have tried to go to the beach. Then we had lunch and headed to the Karl Yohan Street and walked along looking at the shops and walked all the way top the King's Palace. There were so many old buildings it was cool to see all of the architecture.

This is the King's Palace.


Nigel Flannery Livingston said...

That's not what comes to mind when I think of 'F' words.

Eliza Brock said...

Word Nigel!
Miss you guys. Cody and Alex were lonely sunbeams this week. Only 3 of them were there :-)

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