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Sunday, June 1, 2008

What a busy week

We had a very busy week this week. It was the last week of school complete with end of year parties/picnics, and field trips. It seems like there was something to do every day.

We went to the pool a couple of times this week too. Even when it was only 68 degrees outside. The kids swam, I watched. They are all loving the pool, even Kyle who in past years has been to afraid to go in the water much. He loves the kiddie pool and they are all making some new friends too.

On Thursday, I received a text from Kaylee while I was at the park with the boys. She said she fell in PE and her wrist was hurting. She came home from school that day and her wrist was a bit swolen, but she said it didn't hurt too bad and didn't want to go to the doctor, so we didn't. It has slowly gotten more swolen, with some slight bruising and she has been in more pain, so today I talked her into going to get it checked. It's a good thing we went in because her wrist is broken in two places. She has a small fracture of the radius and the ulna. The fractures are close to the growth plate so we will be seeing an orthapedic surgeon next week. They put her in a cast from her palm to her elbow and she is in a sling to help with the weight of the cast and for comfort. This kind of puts a damper on her summer. She was supposed to start softball on Monday (which she looks forward to all year long)and she may not be able to swim. Hopefully the Ortho doc will be able to do something different for her cast so she can still have some fun this summer. They did a different kind of cast than I have ever seen before. The took several strips of fibreglass casting matierial stacked on top of eachother and laid one end in her palm. They stretched it out to her elbow and wrapped it around the outside of her elbow and up the other side of her arm to the back of her hand. Then they wrapped 2 ace bandages around her arm. So the cast doesn not go completely around her arm, it is weird. Here is a picture of here in her cast.
Kaylee and her cousin Kensie threw an end of school year party here on Friday (with the help of their mothers of course). They made the invites, which were super cute, and planned the activities. They had 10 kids here and had a blast. They played games with water balloons and ended up in an all out water fight with the hoses. I think it was a lot of fun for all who attended.

On another note, Pete and Mel and the kids moved away to Broomfield this weekend. Kaylee and Kensie and Tiffany, Eric, and Ryan, have all spent so much time together over the last year and a half that we are so very sad to see them go. They will now be living about 40 minutes away from us instead of just 2 blocks. It will take more of an effort to get together, but we will still do it. They will be greatly missed, as it has been so fun having them live so close to us.

Miek and I had a dte night last night and we went out with some friends, Heath and Alyssa. We went bowling and then out for desert. It was so much fun.
Finally I was on the front porch the other night and watched a very pretty sunset. Not quite the beauties my dad has captured over the ocean in Hawaii, but I think they are beautiful in their own way. Here are a couple of pictures.


Jaidi, Justin and girls said...

Justin wants to know if it is a Colles Fracture...Mr Doctor here thinks he has all the answers! :) Actually he really just wants to hear what the Orthopeadist has to say!

Hope she gets feeling better. I can only imagine how that would make a summer!

One Big Happy Family said...

Isn't Kaylee the one who ripped out a bunch of her hair with the drill and now she has a broken arm? What the heck!!!

Michelle said...

Actually, Tiffany is the one who ripped out her hair. Oh that was a sad day.

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