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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Chronicles of Norway (part 5) Sunday and Monday-Our Final Days

Sunday was a completely laid back and restful day. It rained like crazy so it was a god thing we didn't have much planned. We went to sacrament meeting and spent the rest of the day relaxing and playing games. I was again amazed at church. The ward is very small and takes in a large geographical area. Some people drive an hour or more to get there. The meeting of course was conducted in Norwegian. Thankfully one of the elders in the ward again translated for u s. There were some technical difficulties and our headsets only worked for a small portion of the meeting, but I was amazed to find that regardless of the language, the spirit still spoke to me. I didn't understand what was being said, but I knew that it was true. When the congregation sang the hymns in Norwegian. I was again touched by the spirit. It was such a great feeling.

On Sunday night I made a list of the things we still wanted to do. Amazingly it was already our last day in Norway. The time went so fast.

On Monday morning, we went first to the Vikingship Museum. This was so cool. The ships displayed in this museum are over 1000 years old. They were found in Norway and dug up, transported and put on display for all to see. The workmanship was so fine and detailed, I was truly amazed. Following the Viking Museum we headed down to see Akershus Festning, the fortress and castle in Oslo. The parking was all full so we decided to do something else and come back. It was a good thing because just as we turned away, the skies opened and it was pouring rain for a good hour. So we went over to Sentro Station, the train station in downtown Oslo, to the souvenir shop. The kids all had some Norwegian Kroner to spend and they had fun choosing their souvenirs.We walked up the Karle Yohan Street again to Burger King, where the kids had lunch. Then Mike and I had to have a kabob. While it wasn't quite what I expected, it was pretty good and Mike really liked his.

Next we went back to Akershus. Thankfully even though it rained on us as we were leaving Yohan Street, the rain stopped and we were able to enjoy the castle and the grounds and fortress. We were actually able to tour the castle that is hundreds of years old. I can't remember for sure but I think Mike said some parts were built in the 1300's. The castle was so cool. Our next stop was Holmenkollen Ski Jump. I know we've been there already, but I had to go back and buy the sweater that I fell in love with when we were there the first time. I should have bought it the first time around, but I thought I would find it again someplace else. Little did I know these sweaters are not sold in EVERY store in Norway. Anyway thank goodness for Sally (our handy GPS device) we made it across town to Holmenkollen and I got my sweater. It was a very expensive souvenir, but to me it speaks of Norway. This is the sweater I chose.
Here is a picture of us eating Norway's favorite treat. Diplom-Is Ice cream. That is the Diplom-Is sign in the middle. Next we headed off for some more shopping. Dynes. Mike and I were in desperate need of new dynes. For those that don't know, a dyne is a down comforter. Mike and I each have our own on our bed. We do not use the typical sheets and blankets setup on our beds, but we use a fitted sheet and a dyne. It is the way the Norwegians sleep and I was quickly converted to dynes when I received one when I married Mike. The best part of sleeping with a dyne is that we never fight over the blankets. Anyway our dynes were coming up on 15 years old and we decided it was time for new ones. We browsed the other night to get an idea of what we wanted and how much it would cost. Again not a cheap purchase, but totally worth it in the end. There were 2 different dynes we had been looking at the previous trip to the store and when we got there this time, one of them was on sale for more than half off. That made our decision very easy. We bought the ones that were on sale, chose some new covers and we were done.

We headed back to mom and dad's house and had a great chicken dinner. I finished up all the packing and mom took the kids to the store. There is a grocery store only about a block away from the apartment. They took the soda bottles in to return for the deposit and bought some chocolate. More chocolate.

We got the kids settled in to bed, though not as early as we would have liked, and then the adults played a couple hands of Golf. Golf is a new card game mom and dad taught us. We played it many nights during our trip. Then we were off to bed. Morning would come early as we needed to leave by about 4:30 am to get to the airport.

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