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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Some Norway Funnies

I was washing the dishes after dinner one of the first nights after we arrived in Norway. One of the kids said, "Mom, where's the regular dishwasher." I replied "In Norway, it's me." They were shocked that there wasn't an automatic dishwasher.

When we visited the Castle in Oslo, Kyle and I needed to make a trip to the restroom. This is what I found.

Without the usual boy and girl pictures on the doors, I was a bit uncertain, so I made an educated guess. I figured Damer must be dame which is girl, so we went in. Inside the restroom were 2 stalls and just after we walked in a man came out of one of the stalls. I immediately blushed and asked "Am I in the wrong one?" He was also foreign, I think he was Asian, but he said yes I was in the wrong restroom. I rushed out completely embarrassed and ran into the other restroom only to find a urinal right inside the door. Now I was even more embarrassed, but at least there were no men using it when I walked in. Feeling again secure with my original educated guess, I laughed for the sake of the man who was in the women's restroom and didn't even know it and I took Kyle back into the restroom for the "Damers". Once again breathing a huge sigh of relief that the men's room was unoccupied when I entered. This was one time I wish I would have invested in a Norwegian/English dictionary.

Final funny for today. After a long day and a chaotic trip to the mall. Jacob was sitting in the front seat next to grandpa. In all the innocence of youth he looked up at grandpa and totally out of the blue said "We're not always this annoying." I busted out laughing. If I remember correctly this was just a few minutes after he pulled the "Need Assistance" alarm in the restroom at the store. Jake is about the sweetest and most loving kid ever. He is very busy, very active, sometimes causes trouble, and can be annoying and loud sometimes, but to hear him say something like this completely unprovoked had us all laughing for days.


Grandma said...

Jacob is very sweet. Bella and Duncan love him! I am at working reading about the bathroom incident and completely cracking up! Hope you are well!

Grandma said...

Sorry I meant at work not at working! Hah

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