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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Finally back to Normal

Well, I think our clocks are finally back to normal. The first few days that we were home, the kids were waking very early in the morning, but the last 2 days have been better. I am slowly getting the house back to normal as well and catching up with all the laundry.

The last 2 days have been beautiful outside and we spent a few hours at the pool enjoying the sunshine. I really missed the sunshine while we were on our trip. Those days that Mr. Sun did visit were great, but not often enough.

I was amazed when we got home by the weed invasion in our front yard, so I spent a morning just working in the yard. The kids helped me do the weeding and Kaylee mowed the lawn. I was very relieved to get that done. The yard looks really nice now.

Last nght Mike and I went out on a date. We haven't been out just the two of us for several weeks, so it was really nice to get away. We went to see the new Indiana Jones movie. I know it has been out in the theatres for weeks, but like I said we don't get out too often and when we do, we don't often go to the movies. I really liked the movie though the idea seemed a bit far fetched to me. As I expected, there was a lot of action and I have always loved Indy.

Well, I guess I am off. We have church and meetings today, so I need to head off to the shower.

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Nigel Flannery Livingston said...

The new Indy was great. All three of the previous Indy films have all dealt heavily with the paranormal and the metaphysical, so the idea behind Indy 4 actually fits right in with the rest of them.

As far as plausibility is concerned.

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