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Monday, June 2, 2008

A walk through the park

We went for a walk tonight in the park. Kensie and Eric were up visitng from Broomfield and so I took the camera along. I think I got some cute pictures of all the kids.

At one point, Kyle climbed up on a new platform in the sculpture park. They are in the process of adding about 6 new statues to the park this week. He said, "Look, mom I am a statue" and posed. I was so glad to have the camera along to catch that sweet moment. It was so cute.

Also there is a picture of Kyle and Kensie together. Kyle says it is their wedding picture, since he is determined that he and Kensie are getting married. Isn't he the cutest!!!!

Here are the pictures.

Almost forgot, Kaylee got her new cast today. You may have noticed in the pictures. It is bright green and it is actually waterproof so she will be able to swim with us now. Yippee!!!

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Melly said...

They are darling pics....I'm just glad Eric wore his fancy muscle shirt today.....UGH!!


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