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Monday, July 7, 2008

Accidental Drowning

It is with a sad heart that I must say goodbye to my nearly new Crimson Palm Treo that I loved.Last week we had an accidental drowning. My phone got forgotten in Jake's swimsuit pocket and he went into the pool.
You may wonder, what was my phone doing in Jake's pocket anyway?
Well, since I was wearing my swimsuit, no pockets, and I had to carry him in to the pool (this was when he had a hurt foot), he had pockets, so we stuck it in his pocket and I said, "Don't forget to take it out as soon as we get inside." I should have known better, but alas, I made the mistake.
We got into the pool and got busy getting everyone smothered in sunscreen and when Jake was ready, I carried him over and dropped him into the pool. I turned around and immediately realized my mistake. But it was too late. My beautiful red treo was wet.
I hoped that it would dry out and still work. I gave it 5 days. Everything looked dry. I plugged it in, the charge light came on. It gave me hope. I charged it for a couple of hours then tried to turn it on, nothing. So I tried again and to my surprise, it actually turned on. The backlight was gone and the touch screen wouldn't work, but it was on. I thought I could deal with it and still have all of my information in my contact list and calendar. Yippee.
My excitement was short lived however when a short time later my phone was off and wouldn't turn back on. So I am very sad and have gone back to using my "old" phone. I have lost all of my contacts and my calendar since I have not synced with the computer in ions. So if I don't call you for a while, I may not have your number anymore. I guess I will start researching and start preparing to buy a new phone. Tear tear.


Jaidi, Justin and girls said...

It just occurred to me..I should have mentioned it when I talked to you. You should take your phone into AT&T store and ask them to see if they can transfer the phone numbers off. When my phone went for a swim in Vegas they were able to salvage the information. You may have to wait til you decide what phone to get...but did you get insurance on it? It may cover it! Anyway, good luck. Love ya!

Nigel Flannery Livingston said...

This really isn't that bad. Now you have a reason to get an iPhone.

The timing seems oddly convenient, don't you think? Since the new iPhone comes out this Friday.

Eliza Brock said...

man that sucks! I have washed Jon's before and also ruined it. Bummer!

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