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This is a blog about my family and the crazy life in the Sims Household. We have 5 children, ranging from 14 to 5, and seem to be going in all different directions sometimes. The purpose of this blog is to help keep our friends and family up to date on what is going on in our lives.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Baseball and Softball

Ryan, Jake, and Tiffany are all playing baseball and softball this summer. Kaylee was scheduled to play but had to cancel because of her wrist injury, that made her very sad. The kids playing are loving the sports and each of them is doing great. They have all had a hit every time at bat. Here is a picture of Ryan playing catcher at the last game.
And here is Ryan up to bat. He is playing really well. He has a great hit and a great mind when it comes to the game. He is always aware of where to throw the ball to make the play. He is doing awesome!!
And Jake up to bat and then crossing home plate. Yeah Jacob!!!Jake made a great play this game at second base. He is learning the game quickly and has great skills. This is his first season playing organized baseball. He refused to play tee ball last year because he didn't want to hit the ball off a stick, he wanted it pitched to him. His coach has been patient and very helpful with him. He is encouraging and great at helping him stay focused on the game, which at times is very difficult. If you know Jake, you know he doesn't generally focus on any one thing for very long.Ryan and Jake are playing on the same team this year and it is fun to watch them play together.

Tiffany is playing her second season of softball. She has a great swing and hits every time she is up to bat. Several times she has even had a double(they don't let them take more than a double off a hit). She also has great arm and is an asset to her team. She is really great at softball, just like Kaylee. Here she is awaiting the pitch. Here she is just after hitting the ball. Look at that follow through. Here she is playing third base. Ready and waiting for the ball to come her way.


FidFam said...

Hi Michelle,
This is Kay's daughter, Keri. Sounds like you have been having a fun and busy summer. I'll be in Boulder this week Wed-Sat and would love any suggestions you have for things to do with the kids...

Michelle said...

For one thing, we should have you up for dinner or something. We have some great parks up here in Loveland too if you want to make a day trip. Boulder is about a 45 minute drive from us. I don't know much about Boulder, but in Denver there is the Museum of Nature and Science and the Denver Zoo. There is also an Aquarium and a Children's Museum. All are great. There is a Butterfly Pavillion not far from Boulder. It is supposed to be a really cool place to go, but I haven't been there myself. Meail me at and I will try and send you more info.

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