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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Look at my pinky toe...

I know, I am in desperate need of a new pedicure, but look at my poor pinky toe. I think it is broken, but what will they do for it if it is? Probably nothing so I don't think I will go in and have it checked.

So how did it happen? Yesterday when I was getting ready for our Fourth of July party, I stubbed my toe really hard. Actually I think I nearly pulled it off my foot. I was walking around the dishwasher which was open because Tiff was loading it and I caught my toe on the trim on the corner of the island cabinets. I seriously laid on the floor in the kitchen for about 10 minutes crying. It hurt so bad. But I had so much to do, I had to keep moving so I got up and played the tough girl and got everything done and ready for the party.

I can walk a little bit easier today, but that poor little toe hurts really bad.

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