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Monday, July 14, 2008

Camping at Hermit

Okay, I promise this will be my last post for the day. I hate playing catch up!!!

This weekend we had the chance to go camping with a bunch of our friends. There were five families in all and 18 children between us. The kids had a great time playing in the rocks and chasing the chipmunks.

It was so nice to be out in nature and enjoy the peace the mountains offer. Yes I do mean peace despite 18 kids running around. The kids actually entertained each other so well that it was very peaceful and mostly quiet. I had a great time.

Kyle got to play with the girls. They are all a bit older than him, but I think they like playing with him anyway. He could always be found with one of them at least. I don't think he minded a bit that he got to play with the girls. He loved it. They are his new best friends.

The first night, Jake didn't sleep well. This is a picture of him at almost 10 AM. Still crashed.

This is our camp site.

Here are a couple of pictures of the group. We all had desert together on Friday evening. The Bale's made some great Dutch Oven Cobblers. We had Peach and Apple. I LOVED the apple, it was so good. We also had marshmallows for the kids to roast and make s'mores. I think we all had a fun time being together.

I think this is the only picture we got the whole weekend with me in it. So here is one just to prove I was there. That is Mandy in my lap. She is our Yorkie. She is a great traveler and loves to camp with us. She is really good and rarely barks, unless she is left alone at camp.

Of course one of the biggest draws for the kids is the campfire. They love to play around the fire, poke at it and especially love to roast marshmallows. This I think the 3rd or 4th year in a row we have camped with most of these families. It is fun to camp, but it is even more fun to camp with friends.

One final note. I forgot to mention that we have had illness in our family again this past week. Last Monday night Ryan woke with a headache, fever and sore throat. On Tuesday, Mike took him to the doctor to check about strep, they did a quick strep test which was negative and decided to send it out for culture and put him on antibiotics anyway. By Thursday morning, Ryan still felt crummy, his throat still hurt bad and he was developing sores in his mouth. So I took him back in to the doctor before we left for our camping trip. The doctor diagnosed him with Hand Foot and Mouth disease. Of course this is a virus that that they can do nothing for except to treat the pain. He said not to let him share drinks or utensil but other than that he was not contagious. So we went camping anyway.

We treated his pain as best we could with ibuprofen and chloraseptic spray. He did pretty well. Then on Saturday, Kyle was so tired, I let him lay down in the car while we were packing up camp. He was instantly asleep. When I checked on him he seemed to have a fever. When we got home I gave him some medicine and ever since we have been treating him as if he too has hand foot mouth. He is complaining of a sore throat but can't open his mouth wide enough for me to check if he has sores in his mouth or not. Needless to say this has been FUN!

Here is a picture of him asleep in the car.

You can view the rest of our pictures fro our camping trip here.

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