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Monday, July 21, 2008

I LOVE to read!!!

Some of you may know that I am an avid reader. I love to read. The other day at the pool another mom said to me "Everytime I see you , you have a different book. Are you a fast reader or do you just read a lot?" I said "Probably both."I read many genres, but I especially love fiction. This last year I have read several science fiction and historical fiction books and series. I love it. I do not read the trashy, steamy romance novels (not that there's anything wrong with them), they are just not my thing. I don't mind books with elements of romance in them, but I like the books that are about more than romance. I like conflict, mystery, good overcoming evil, people overcoming obstacles in their lives, stories that uplift or encourage etc.

The funny thing is that my husband cannot understand why I like to read. I know that Mike reads all day at work so it is not something he wants to do in the evenings, so he watches TV. Sometimes I watch TV with him, sometimes I read. I like to read in the evenings before bed, because it helps calm me so I can sleep. I know sometimes I get into a book or series and may be a little bit obsessive about how much I read (at least in his eyes), but I really get into what I am reading. Mike can't seem to see that reading can be fun. To him it is just work and I guess I can understand that.

I like that I am doing something that uses my brain. My every day life tasks require very little thought sometimes and I feel like reading helps to balance me out a bit. I don't read all day, but I read when I can. Often it comes in little snippits of time; waiting for the kids to come out of school, while they are at the pool, during baseball practice etc. Most often however I read after the kids have gone to bed.

When I read a book it is often like watching a movie. I picture the characters and feel drawn into their world and their stories. Some authors are better about drawing me in than others. Sometimes I feel so drawn into the story that I cannot put the book down.

Right now I am reading the Twilight series for the 3rd time. My daughter Kaylee is reading it too and is consistently about 100 pages ahead of me. It is fun to see her finally get into the story and want to read it. I am happy that my children are developing a love for reading too. I hope some of that comes from my example.

Reading is very important and I feel that being able to read for enjoyment is a good thing. Anyone out there feel like me? If you have any good reads to recommend, let me know. I am always open to suggestions.


Jaidi, Justin and girls said...

I completely agree! I a now reading Twilight for the 5th Time. I know, I am insane! But hey, I gotta refresh my mind before Breaking Dawn comes out! :) As if I don't have the story memorized!

Yes, I love reading. Lucky for me, Justin shares my love of reading. We are going to read Breaking Dawn together! And I need more suggestions for good books too! So I will be looking in on others suggestions as well! :)

Carlee Hoopes said...

Unfortunately I am more like Mike. I wish I could say I was more like you, but I just find it more work and my imagination isn't good enough to make a book play out like a movie for me. :(

Stacie said...

Steve is just like Mike. I think he must have paid people to read the books he had to read in high school and college, and then tell him what they were about. Reading takes me away from my life and puts me in someone else's. I love books.

Michelle said...

wow, I could have sworn it was me writing this post! I love reading but I normally don't like when movies come out based on books because my imagination is so much better than what they portray in movies! Pass any suggestions along. I just finished one called "The Probable Future" that was pretty good, it's a quick read. I also like everything I've read by Dan Brown. Les Mis is always a good one, though I'm sure you've read that.

Julia Cherry said...

Hey Michelle, Have you read the Clan of the Cave Bear series? I will get those to you when I get home from Steamboat later this week. I will go through my books again and see if there might be anything you would like. Read On...

New York Sims said...

I am right there with you! ;]

I'm just glad I could help turn you into a "Twilight" monster! =]

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