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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Our Fourth of July Celebration

Well this year we decided that since we have such a great view of the fireworks from our front lawn that we would have a big party.

So we sent out invitations and the preparations began.

We had a potluck BBQ dinner and yard games for the kids while friends visited. The fireworks started about 9:15 and went on for a half an hour. It was one of the best fireworks shows I have seen in a long time. Here are some pictures from our party.

The rest of the day was also fun. We went to the ward pancake breakfast in the morning. They also had a kids' bike parade over the the senior living center right next to our ward building. There the kids sang some songs for the residents, then paraded past on their bikes. It was fun to see the grandmas and the grandpas who were so happy to watch the children.

After the breakfast and parade, we headed home to do a bit of cleaning for our party, then we went over to the park where they had all kinds of things going on all day long. They had booths of all kinds of food so we all got some yummy snow cones, watched the cloggers, and walked around the park. We also visited with one of Mike's friends, Dan who is a police officer working the park for the day.

After our time at the park, we headed to the pool to cool off. It was a super hot day for us at 94 degrees. So the pool was quite refreshing. We swam for about an hour then headed home for the final preparations for the party. Mike started grilling and I worked on getting the food out on the tables, then our guests started arriving.

It was such a great time. I loved having people over and sharing our great view of the fireworks. For those that don't know, the fireworks are shot off from the lake about 2 blocks from our house. We have a great view right from our front yard and we didn't have to deal with any of the traffic. Our fireworks show is said to be the biggest in Northern Colorado, so people come from all over to watch it.

I hope that everyone else had a great Independence Day. I am so grateful to live in this country and for the freedoms we enjoy and for all those who have fought over the years to secure those freedoms for us.

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