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Monday, July 14, 2008

Four Wheelin'

We had a really fun day on Saturday the 5th. I know I am a little slow to get this blogged, but anyway, here it is.

Some of my close friends may know that last year a friend of our family "borrowed" Jake and Ryan for a few hours and brought them home with four wheelers. What a great gift. Of course the boys had signed contracts that they would work so many hours to pay them off. Despite asking, that work time has never come. They are great and the kids all loved riding them, but we have not yet been able to take them out to ride since we didn't have a trailer to get them anywhere. Mostly the kids rode them around in our yard, they made circles around the house. They like it but they desperately wanted more adventure.

In March, my dad gave us his trailer. Thanks Dad. So ever since then we have been working towards taking the four wheelers out for a spin. Finally we found a place, had a free Saturday and were off.
We found this area where the kids could ride up and back on this road. Since we just have the two 4 wheelers, the kids took turns riding and stayed within our sight. It still was just a taste of what they can do on the 4 wheelers, but they were thrilled to get out in the dirt and ride. Here is Jake with Tiff in the background.Here is Ryan.

Jake again with Mike and Kyle in the background. I think Kyle was being scolded for throwing the dirt.Kyle got really dirty...but who couldn't love such a cute face...even if it is filthy!!!Kyle got a few turns to ride too, with the help of mom. We were almost too heavy for the 4 wheeler though and one time, Mike had to come and give us a push. Mike and I determined that it would be a blast to get at least one more quad so we can take real runs. Here is a picture of Kaylee riding....and Tiffany.
Jake really had a blast.Here is a close up of Ryan.I thought this was a super cute picture of Jake and Tiffany. The kids were so patient waiting for their turns to ride and they all had a great time.Of course we were in the mountains, so Kyle had to take the opportunity to pee on a tree.We noticed that some clouds were rolling in and were hearing some thunder off in the distance, so we decided to let everyone have one more ride. Then it started raining. Not just a bit of rain either, it came down hard and fast in big drops. We got to the car as quickly as possible and popped the 4 wheelers onto the trailer and headed home.

Here is a final picture of Jake. He also enjoyed playing in the dirt. Look at that dirty face. You can also see the storm working it's way in over head. We had so much fun and can't wait for the next free Saturday to head out there again.If you want to see the rest of our pictures you can view the album here.

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